Amazing Flying Lights a.k.a. Rocket Copters

Pass the Grenade Game
A new twist on "Hot Potato"
Activate 1 grenade and pass it back and forth
among your friends, eventually - KABOOM
I've seen people laugh so hard they peed their pants

24 pack Bomb Bag Grenades

$ 8.50 USD

Includes shipping to U.S. Addresses

24 Grenade shaped bomb bags

enough for 2-6 people to play for about an hour.  Each Grenade takes 1 - 5 minutes before Exploding... (safe, no smoke, no smell)



48 pack Bomb Bag Grenades

$ 14.50 USD

twice the fun, not twice the price

You wont regret buying more, these are awesome fun

includes shipping to U.S. addresses

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