Magic Thumb Lights



Fantastic Stocking Stuffers

way below retail

watch the video

1 Set of Red "Glow Bugs"

$ 6.95 USD

Ok, so they're not really alive.  But you do get 2 glow bugs that you can make magically appear out of thin air and perform all of the tricks shown in this video - Instantly

Known elsewhere as "D'lites"  and sell for as much as $24.95 retail.

Your price is only $6.95 including shipping

buy more than 1 set and save

Great Stocking Stuffers

ships to u.s. addresses only


2 sets of Red "Glow Bugs"

$ 9.95 USD

same as above, but you get 2 sets of Glow Bugs.  That's 4 bugs total.

Glow bugs eventually dim and go dark.  So you get 2 glow bug energy packs free as a bonus.

ships to u.s. addresses only - shipping is included


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