Fairy Arrows


Don't throw it away - you can usually repair it 


You can replace the Wings (buy them below this notice)

Unsnap broken wing from Arrow body, turn body as you pull off the

broken wing, so body clears the pre-cut guide holes in the wing.

Pre-fold the new wing in half and punch out the pre-cut hole pieces.

Guide body (round disc end first) thru the middle hole in the wing, turning the body as needed the clear the hole.  When finished, the crease of the folded wing should be held in place by the two pegs that protrude from the body of the arrow.  There is a "lock bar" on each side of the arrow body that the wing "snaps" onto to lock the wing onto the arrow.  Hook the lower end of the wing hole onto the bottom of the lock bar and then pull the wing up slightly and press firmly until the top part of the hole LOCKS onto the lock bar.  Repeat this step for the other side of the arrow.

Remember there are 2 fold points printed on each wing.  When you are ready to fly them again, you need to fold the wings outward to form a Y shape in the wings.  One fold is straight and one fold is angled.

Flying Light Rotor (wings) Replacements

$ 1.99 USD

4 Replacement Rotors

shipped by 1st class mail

(no tracking at this price, sorry)


Batteries Went Dead

(Don't forget to turn the Light OFF when finished playing)

You can, if you're handy, replace the batteries.

pry open the battery door.  You will see 3 - AG3 sized button batteries.  With a paper clip, carefully PRY the batteries out of the battery box.  Be careful not to pry the led light assembly out also.  You can hold the switch assembly in while prying to be safe.    Then put 3 new batteries in with the flat side pointing to the switch 

Note* newer style flyers (HY588A) just open battery compartment and insert new batteries, wires were rerouted to make replacement easy

If you need replacement batteries, check Dollar Tree Stores

they usually have them 10 for $1.00  AG3

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