Fairy Arrows

These are classed as "Trick Noisemakers" by the D.O.T.
Non-Regulated unless transported by air.

144 Boxes (1,728 Bangs) Booby Traps

$ 32.95 USD

144 boxes with 12 bangs in each box.

This is the Classic Pulling Trick Firework

a 1 1/2 inch "charge" is between two strings.

Pull both strings at the same time for a loud

85 decibel bang.

SHIPPING IS INCLUDED TO U.S. ADDRESSES - cannot ship by air so cannot ship to Hawaii or protectorates


12 boxes sample pack booby traps

$ 7.50 USD

12 boxes each with 12 bangs inside.

pull both strings for a loud bang.


shipping is included to u.s. addresses only

cannot ship by air, Hawaii is excluded

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