Fairy Arrows

 Items on this page are available in limited quantities

10 Whirling & Whistling UFO Balloons

$ 4.50 USD

10 pcs. Assorted Colors

Work just like rocket balloons, except they inflate to a UFO shape and then when let go, they spin wildly round and round with a buzzing/whistle sound.  Dogs go nuts around these so be careful

shipping included to u.s. addresses


20 pc Original Rocket Balloons

$ 5.95 USD

20 Rocket Balloons in Assorted Colors

Inflate to 36 inches

Fly High, wiggles, zooms, and whistles

Includes inflation tubes for easy inflate

ships to u.s. addresses only, sorry


12 Smiley Face Bug Balloons

$ 4.95 USD

Joust with a Balloon Bug

Each Bug Balloon inflates to approx 30 inches

Each Bug has a happy face

Fun for kids parties

shipping included to u.s. addresses


50 Amazing Water Balloons - BOMBS

$ 7.99 USD

Win that Water Balloon Fight with these HUGE WATER BALLOON BOMBS

Silver Colored with Red Tips they look just like a Torpedo or WWII Bomb.

Haul these babies out and watch them RUN

shipping to u.s. addresses only


12 Chinese Spiral Balloons up to 40 inches

$ 5.25 USD

These are all the RAGE in China, and not made anywhere else right now.

12 huge spiral balloons inflate up to 40 inches

Great for parties, and kids can use these to play joust with as they are pretty tough.

Assorted Colors

shipping included to u.s. addresses


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