Fairy Arrows



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This is the most fun toy ever made

over 10,000 sold on Ebay




A Rocket Copter  is a "FLING-SHOT" Launched Toy.

Holding the launch stick in one hand, you place the notched end of the Arrow in the rubber band.  Pull back on the rounded end of the Arrow (between the wings)  Recommended   Or hold the tips of the wings together at the end and aim straight up in the air, pull back and let go.

The Arrow will soar to heights of about 60 feet in the air.  Once it reaches it's highest point, it flips over and the wings pop out.  The Arrow will then twirl slowly, and safely back to the ground.

All the while, the Bright Colored L.E.D. light on the arrow let's you follow it's path into the sky, and back to earth.


Note***  Wings must be folded prior to first use.  2 Fold lines on each wing.  Fold outward so that unit looks like a Y shape with wing tips bent at an angle for best rotation.  See video

4 LED Flyer Variety Pack

$ 8.95 USD

2 Blue LED Flyers

2 Red & Blue Flashing Flyers

2 spare sets of Flyer Wings

includes shipping to U.S. Addresses


6 LED Flyer Variety Pack

$ 12.95 USD

shipping included (to U.S. Addresses only)

3 Blue LED Flyers

3 Red & Blue Flashing LED Flyers

2 spare wing kits


10 LED Flyer Variety Pack

$ 15.99 USD

includes shipping to U.S. Addresses

5 Blue LED Flyers

5 Red & Blue Flashing Flyers

3 spare wing kits


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