Fairy Arrows

Bounce them, they fly High
Throw them, they sail a long ways
The video below is of a similar product called a
Super Balloon, sold by Wham-O
Super Balloons were cool, but hard to inflate, hard
to seal up, punctured easily and didn't hold air very long
MISSILE BALLOONS are the answer
Easy to Inflate, Hold air a long time, very strong
not as long (only 50 inches) but easier to play with

Super Balloon Missile (one piece)

$ 4.99 USD

over 50 inches long, easy to inflate, easy to seal, very durable myler

Bounce them, throw them, pound them

One Random Color Sent

includes free shipping in U.S.


Super Balloon Missile (2 pack)

$ 7.99 USD

over 50 inches of super fun

2 Missile Balloons with instructions and inflation straws.  Great Party Fun


Super Balloon Missiles (4 pc Party Pack)

$ 10.99 USD

over 50 inches of Super Fun

Bounce them, they fly High

Throw them, they sail a long, long ways

includes 4 Missile Balloons, instructions and inflation straws.

Assorted colors sent

Includes shipping to U.S. addresses


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